That's me. Meg.  


As a kid I was a scruffy, determined redhead with a bit of a squint.  Despite being a BMX bandit tomboy I was proud as punch of my floral, glitter spokey dokeys (even though the boys teased me about them),  I loved jumping out of trees, eating jelly crystal fairy bread, and wearing my Adidas 1984 Aussie Olympics tracksuit (what's not to love about bottle green terry towelling?).  Now I'm pretty much a grown up and though I look back on little me and laugh, I remain proud of all my quirks and individuality to this day (even my dodgy nickname, and the fact I am INCREDIBLY awkward about kissing people hello and goodbye).   

So that's what my Little Scooch handprinted, custom designs are all about - celebrating the individual swagger in every little kid out there by having fun with their name and personality.  I hope all kids can grow up with big self love.  Because, in the words of my sensei - Dr Seuss –

‘Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.’ 

Fo shiz.

Each Little Scooch design is dreamt up by me - usually inspired by something my kids are digging at the time.  I then hand-draw the images, hand-cut stencils and screen-print by hand in my garage studio in Kensington.  It's pretty hands-on but it means every top is 100% unique and individual, with the lovely idiosyncracies that set hand-made gear apart from chain-store bought.  

I put a lot of love into each top I print. The apparel I source is the most premium base for screen printing, and ethically produced, and I used water-based inks which are nicer for our kids and the earth, so you can feel confident of the quality.  

Please get in touch with feedback, concerns, or ideas you would love to see me work up for you.  For news on updates to the range and special deals, be sure to check out Little Scooch on Instagram and Facebook (don't be a stranger now.)

Lastly, thanks for visiting Little Scooch, and helping me work from home with my bestie littles.

Meg  (aka Scooch).


ps. that's a hug, not a kiss

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