Motherhood is amazing, but it can sometimes be tough – even in a safe and comfortable country, home and relationship.  In the tougher moments, I have frequently wondered how do single mums do it, or mamas without help from their partners or their family, or mums in poorer countries without all the conveniences that we have?  My fellow MUMKIND are amazing.

I’ve been so inspired lately, by people who are making a difference.  Constance Hall and her queens raising almost $200K in a week for Queen’s Castle to house, protect and rehabilitate young sexual abuse victims is INCREDIBLE.   It made me just want to make a start at giving back, so I thought our FOR ALL MUMKIND range would be a perfect opportunity.

$5 from every FOR ALL MUMKIND tee will be contributed back to charities that I think do a great job to help support MUMKIND in different ways.  You can choose where to direct the donation at checkout, otherwise we'll direct it for you.  


The Luke Batty Foundation

Rosie Batty started the Luke Batty Foundation after her son was murdered by his father at cricket practice.  I can’t even fathom how she has found the strength to create a legacy of positive change from his death, but her courage and grace is absolutely inspirational. Though education, advocacy and campaigning via the Never Alone campaign, the Luke Batty Foundation have elevated the issue of family violence to the national political agenda.  It’s help For All Mumkind at the highest level, and it’s making a difference. 

“We will stand with the victims of family violence so that they are supported in the community and have a powerful voice in the corridors of power. That’s my mission – but I can’t do it alone.”  Rosie Batty

St Kilda Mums

This great group are a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation based in St Kilda, Melbourne, who rehome new and pre-loved baby goods and nursery equipment to families in need.  They are on the ground For All Mumkind, helping ensure that no child goes without basic needs – such as a safe cot to sleep in.  After having a couple of kids I also can’t believe how much stuff you accumulate and don’t know what to do with, so I also love St Kilda Mums sustainable ethos of reusing and recycling. 


Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

This organisation is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury.  Having had two Caesar births myself, I am grateful to live in a country where they are readily available, however in places like rural Ethiopia, many women have little or no access to medical care during childbirth. If labour becomes obstructed, they can be left in agonising labour for days. They almost always lose their baby and many are left with a fistula, causing permanent incontinence. Pushed to the edge of society, these women are among the most marginalised in the world. I am heartbroken at the stories of Mumkind begging for years, hiding away from society, leading urine and faeces whilst they try to save for the surgery. At Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, women receive free surgery, counselling, physiotherapy and loving care. Founded by Drs Catherine and Reg Hamlin in 1974, the organisation is now a healthcare network of 550 staff servicing six hospitals, a rehabilitation centre, and the Hamlin College of Midwives. 


RSPCA – Set a Sister Free.

I don’t want to forget the animal mamas (yes I’m a bit of a softy - vegetarian from way back).  The plight of battery hens was originally an issue that contributed to me turning vegetarian, and it still remains an issue to this day for more than 11 million Australian hens living in cages about the size of an A4 sheet of paper.  That’s like you or I living in a portaloo, and it’s horrific.  I’m inspired with the changes that the Set a Sister free campaign has achieved by raising awareness to change shopper behaviour and the range in our major supermarkets, but there is still lots more to be done For animal Mumkind.